Worlds of Magic - A True 4X Spiritual Successor To Master of Magic?

This is Worlds of Magic - A new classic 4X fantasy game by Wastelands Interactive. As was the case with Master Of Magic, the hit classic by Microprose, a lot of the primary gameplay takes place on the world map, by each turn you move your units to not only explore but to defend or attack. You'll also come across other cities, but do you conquer or build your own. Can you see where I'm going with this? This is so much like Master Of Magic, but to be as good as that game will take some doing.

Each city can be managed with the ability to build new buildings, improve them or to create a new forceful army to dominate the world map. Your armies can be made up of units you've trained, heroes and mercenaries you've hired, and even powerful summoned creatures. All combat takes place on a tactical battle map, and battle sequence to completion takes a turn.

But to continue the Master Of Magic approach, during game play you will also research new spells, manage the money coming in, and deal in diplomatic relations with the other AI.


Worlds of Magic will not only seek to capture the charm of the timeless classic that serves as its inspiration, but also go beyond it in a number of areas.
  • 10 Leaders To Choose From (Or Create Your Own)
  • 6 Factions To Rule Over
  • 80 Units To Use In Battle
  • 12 Spell Circles
  • 300 Spells To Learn And Master
  • 7 Planes To Explore And Conquer
  • 45 Special Units (Heroes, Champions, and Titans)
There's far more to this game, so it's worth checking out the Kickstarter page and throwing money towards the pledge goal of £30,000. 

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