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Well look who's back! It's your favourite pokemon fanatic! Well favourite for some of you, as some of you may raise pitch forks when you see me ;). So here comes Pokemon 3D! Now when I first heard of this I thought it was to do with the 3DS, but I was sorely mistaken. It's a PC game! From first glance it seems to be based solely on Pokemon gold/silver,  it also advertises having 20maps, whether this includes entering caves and buildings or just the routes and cities I'm not sure, but here is the latest update for you to gander at

"Pokémon3D is finally back with version 0.32. It contains awesome new features in almost all parts of the game.
New features:


  • Sessions: Go to GameJolt.com to see how long you’ve played Pokémon3D and if your GameJolt friends played it.
  • Online save state (detailed explanation: here): Play online, skill your char and earn emblems to customize your trainer card. This is a cloud save, when you log in to your gamejolt account, you find it right there, on every computer
  • Improved a few processes to make them faster.
  • Added emblems and ranks.
  • Enhanced the profile view in the GTS.
  • Achievement + GameJolt synchronization


  • Ditto can breed now, also removed few issues from breeding.
  • Fixed many crashes and bugs
  • Implemented complete new script engine
  • Route 42 and Route 43
  • Mahogany Town + Gym
  • Mt. Mortar
  • Waterfall
  • Fixed trainers on Route 41
  • Rocketbase in Mahogany Town
  • Lake of Rage + Gyarados event
  • New main menu button
  • New trainercard layout + function
  • Seasons
  • Alph puzzle completed
  • Darkcave completed
  • Union Cave completed
  • Lapras event.

There’s probably a lot more but these are the main feature that was added in this version.
Also to see the achievements you gained in Pokémon3D, go to the GameJolt page of Pokémon3D and look under “Trophies”. To receive the new update, you have to update your launcher. Do that by opening your launcher, clicking “Settings”, the “Launcher”-tab and then “Update launcher”.

Have fun with this update
As a reminder please update your launchers to Version or else you won't be able to download. Reference here for assistance:

So I downloaded the game and my biggest shock was that it's in first person! Now that, I wasn't expecting, and you can also choose more than just two characters to play with as you have:

Ethan (Pokemon gold/silver)
Kris (Pokemon gold/silver)
Hilbert (White/Black)
Hilda (White/Black)
Nate (White2/Black2)
Rosa (White2/Black2)

But the basics are still the same, you wander around your room, you can access your computer, you know the usual Pokemon stuff. Then you go downstairs and your mother speaks to you and tells you to go see professor elm, once you leave the house (and if you have the distance at maximum) you can see as far as the mountain that leads to the johto region or the next town over in the opposite direction. All of which are using Gold/Silver Graphics (or Sprites/Tiles if you want to be technical) I haven't gotten very far into it but as it says it's not complete yet, I don't know if it uses every Pokemon released to date or just the johto/kanto region Pokemon.

Going by the images provided on their site it seems that it is possible to play traditionally, as in 3rd person. I haven't found out how as of yet but if it's possible I'm sure I'll find it... though personally I like the breath of fresh air since it's 1st person.

Picture is of hilbert in Cianwood city with suicune event in BG.

The story does seem to be based upon Pokemon gold and silver, I haven't seen any changes as of yet but there may be some further down the line. Other than that it is very much just a Pokemon game. Which if you haven't played one by now... well... just go do so!


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