Scepters - Flash Arcade

Four Scepters by Benjamin, is a new short Flash Arcade game that was developed for the Ludum Dare 48 Hour Competition. In Four Scepters your quest is to find the 4 scepters to banish the necromancer who rules the lands. You have up to a choice of 4 characters to play and they can be played in any order you like, either a Fighter, Wizard, Thief, and an Assassin. This Flash game is easily controllable through arrow keys, and attacking is simply moving your character in the direction the enemy is located. Be warned they can hit back, so make sure you enter a room with a potion just in case. The graphics are very retro, with each screen being a new area, but it's still a fun game!

THIEF - To use his ability the Thief needs to be in stealth mode, you can achieve this by hiding near an empty wall in a room without monsters. Once in stealth mode you will unlock the first door or steal the first treasure on your way.

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