Towdie - The classic Dizzy style game is back to impress with a kickstarter

Gamers rejoice! As Towdie is back for a new generation, and this time it's a remake with all new high end graphics. I was very excited when I saw this kickstarter, as Towdie was once home on the Spectrum in 1994 and closely matched by the art style and gameplay to that of Dizzy.  Just like Dizzy, there are specific characters and situations that must be solved by the way of collected items throughout the land. This land was called Alkria, and you play as the restless creature called Towdie on a quest to save the kingdom from the claws of the evil dragon Quido. Another interest with this kickstarter is, the company behind this game is none other than Ultrasoft who were no strangers to the Spectrum system. However they have changed the company name to Cyberdreams.

Even though the Dizzy kickstarter was a failure, lets not let this one fail. I'd love to see a Spectrum game such as this remade, so head over to the kickstarter page and pledge. It needs to hit £50,000 to be a success!

The game will be released in 3 formats: Android, iPad, PC.

Oh and before I sign off, check out the ORIGINAL SPECTRUM game from 1994 :)

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