Dark Matter - Classic platforming action with a deep storyline (kicktstarter)

Game Type : A tense reimagining of classic platforming action games, with a deep storyline and tactical combat.
Developer : InterWave Studios
Kickstarter Goal : £50,000
Developer Quote : Move in the shadows, because light angers the new masters of your ship. Creep along abandoned corridors and explore infested hallways, uncovering the secrets of the past, and hoarding resources for your future. Harvest weak enemies. Corner their powerful brethren with overwhelming firepower. Whatever you do, however you do it, when you hear a Seeker hiss behind you, just run.
Dark Matter is at its core a modern descendant of Metroid. It is a game driven by the same progressively unlockable level mechanics, but with a supercharged atmosphere where light and darkness play a vital role in enemy AI, and the player's survival. Dark Matter is a tough side scrolling action game where sometimes the best action is to know when to not attack, or when to lure an enemy into a mag-lock door, rather than rush into a room guns blazing.
Release : Sept 2013
Systems : PC



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