Dark Antarctic - 2D Action of disgusting horror!

Game Genre : 2D Action Horror
Developer(s) : consumeforsaken
Developer Quote: Dark Antarctic is a raw and brutal 2D PC horror game set in the polar stations of the Antarctic.
Game Info Quote : You suit up into a CBRN suit as you encounter the undead in the corridors of Leningradskaya station. Your goal is to execute zombies in as many brutal ways as possible while trying to salvage parts and repair vehicles like the Kharkovchanka. Escape the abandoned Soviet polar stations! Discover that after World War II during operation "Werwolf" occultist Nazies escaped with the uboats to the secret Antarctic bases. They made a pact with Lord Lucifer to resurrect the Third Reich! Execute Nazi zombies in the pentagram infested New Swabia polar stations.
Features : Rip and tear the undead, Over 30 executions, Find and collect the dark skulls to perform extra cruel executions, "Light" and "Dark" game modes. The "Dark" difficulty features permadeath. In "Dark" mode perform all the extra cruel executions to enjoy a different ending!
Release : Now ( $6.66 )
Systems : PC

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