Eterium - A Space Combat Sim for Windows PC (Kickstarter+Demo)

Game Type : Space combat sim
Developer/Project By : Andrew Luby (rogueearth)
Kickstarter Goal : $25,000 goal
Developer Quote :  Eterium is a space combat sim with story driven gameplay, advanced tactical AI, and intense 3D combat.
Game Info Quote : Eterium is an approachable and yet complex space sim game. There are many space sims out there that have such a steep learning curve, that it is really difficult for new players to start out.  Eterium's goal is to have a pick up and play feel while preserving the hardcore spirit of the genre.  The difficulty in Eterium is not in learning to fly your ship, but in learning to manage the encounters.  On harder difficulties the AI becomes more cunning and more difficult, but the AI will never cheat.  Weapons always do the same amount of damage and the AI's ships always have the same limitations no matter what difficulty the game is set to. Eterium is the story-driven classic space sim that I had been waiting for.
Release : Oct 2013
Systems : PC

A few key features:
  • Fully customizable joystick, Xbox controller, and mouse support.
  • Dynamic difficulty that allows the game to continually fine tune the AI skill level in addition to the standard game difficulty settings.
  • Four playable fighters with unique cockpit designs.
  • First person view from within the cockpit.
  • Procedural Missions: Many of the missions are created using an intelligent mission generation algorithm making each play through unique.
  • Advanced Damage System: In addition to shields and armor, there is an advanced damage system that governs the ship's functions. From weapons to engines the damaged system affects how the ship handles in combat.
  • Nvidia 3D Vision Support: The game looks awesome with a 3D monitor. If you have a 3D monitor you can't pass this game up.
Kickstarter Link

Demo Link

Eterium is also up on Steam Greenlight, so make sure to get those votes in if you want this fine game to be on Steam


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