DayZero - Move over Epoch & Origins it's time for DayZero the DayZ Podagorsk Release (MOD)

Game Type : DayZ Mod
Developer Quote : Left to die in a country far from home, what are you prepared to do to survive? We've expanded the world. We've balanced every weapon. Added features. Fixed bugs. Optimized performance. Team up or play alone, experience DayZ the way it's supposed to be, This is DayZero.
Game/Mod Info : DayZero is a new mod for DayZ, A mod in which you play with lots of other players in a vast infected landscape, while trying to survive with friend or foe or against the deadly zombies themselves. I myself have been waiting for some time for this release, as it brings forth a brand new map and new features including : New weapons, new buildings, new vehicles, new skins, and much more!
Release : DayZero 1.0 Released

Fixes from previous version ( Please note that if it doesn't say 1.0 it's the old map! )

[FIXED/NEW] General Zombie AI Fixes
- Zombies are now properly controlled by close clients only.
- Zombies will not excessively lag due to control client being too far away.
- Zombies pathing has been slightly improved.

[NEW] Weapon Attachment System
- You can now attach modifications to guns that have the approperiate rails/spot for it
- NATO Attachments: M68 CCO Scope, HWS (HOLO) Scope, M150 ACOG Scope, M203-40 Grenade Launcher
- EAST Attachments: KOBRA RDS, PSO-1M2 Optics, GP-25 Kostyor Grenade Launcher
- UNSPECIFIC Attachments: Marksman Scope, Suppressor
- All attachments are found in either NATO or EAST kit pouches

[NEW] Full Podagorsk Release
- Customized Podagorsk island
- Fully wartorn map with NATO/EAST camps
- Minor and major fixes (see below)

[NEW] UI Updates
- UI is now fully white apart from food/drink icons.
- UI will no longer blend into nature and remain more visible.
- Icon size has been reduced from 64x64 to 32x32 to not be as intrusive.
- New UI Screenshot:

[UPDATED] Car spawns should now be more dynamic

[UPDATED] Lights can now be properly shot and turned off

Podagorsk Specific:

[NEW] Car wrecks
- Specific car wrecks can now be looted
- Doors, trunk and hood can be opened
- Open cardoors give minor bullet protection

[NEW] Additional Vehicles
- HMMWV M240 added (nerfed, equivalent to regular HMMWV)

[NEW] Road to Airfield
- Along the road to the airfield is a huge bunker checkpoint complex.
- The new complex is easily defendable, be cautious - scout ahead.

[NEW] Bridge to Sona
- Sona Island can now be accessed through a small wooden bridge.
- The bridge has sunken into the water in some places.
- On this bridge you are 100% exposed - be cautious.

[NEW] Airfield
- The airfield now has slightly more NATO high-tier loot.
- Added 2 crashed C130 and 1 more NATO barracks.
- The distance between all spots is equivalent to 6 runs up and down the NWAF on Chernarus.

[NEW] Small NATO outpost in Sona Island Castle
- Sona Island now has a minor NATO camp inside the castle.
- Protvino has had it's NATO camp reduced in size and loot due to it's close proximity to Sona.

[FIXED] Spawning
- Spawning now only occurs north of the river.
- It is now easier to orientate where you spawn.

[FIXED] Barns entrances
- Several barns were too high up in the air and caused instant death upon entering.
- These barns now have debris leading up to the entrance without the need to vault in.

[FIXED] Firestation in Kovrov
- The firestation in Kovrov has been relocated to Kirsanov.
- It is now impossible to go under and inside the firestation, thus remaining hidden.

[FIXED] Commercial concrete slabs
- It is now impossible to enter the concrete slabs, thus remaining hidden.

[FIXED] Castles
- Castles can now be safely entered without falling to your death.
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You must have Arma 2,OA installed to use this MOD

Download and use DayZero Launcher as such time until the latest update appears on DayZ Commander!

Mirror (just incase the Launcher fails or it doesn't appear on Commander)!hBYWAKzb!Yw-EdBVpDVC3iNbvnq9KPA6FxTFTQ6iW2WNdvN30P_g


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