Mutant Colossus - A very strange game indeed!

Game Type : Multi Genre - Arcade, Action, Platformer....
Developer : Pixel Giantess Studio
Developer Quote : One silent and dark night Ava is driving through the country side just minding her own business. When all of a sudden a meteor shower begins bombarding the surrounding country side, striking here car. After the accident she is struck with new and terrible power. To grow into a Colossal Mutant! Her mind now corrupted by this power, she grows to an enormous size in order to assert her dominance over this world.
Game Info : The strangest game ever to appear on Indie Retro News in the fact that you are a massive mutant female, and for some, looks slightly pervy! A game which has mixed video footage into sprites which was a classic feature of much older games that were played in the Arcades. This a multi genre title that not only has platforming elements, but you can also scale tall buildings and smash windows while squashing people in similar style to the retro game Rampage.
Release : Oct 21st 2013 (£14.99)
Systems : PC

Available for Preorder on Desura  :

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  1. Hi, I'd just like to thank you for reviewing my game.


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