Successful Kickstarters of the week! (6th Dec 2013)

Good morning gamers from around the world, we are not far away from Christmas and of cause the new year, so it's my pleasure to list the latest Kickstarter success stories of the week. We have an interesting line up this time, as Cinemaware has finally succeeded with their second Kickstarter of Wings and STASIS a 2D Isometric SciFi going over 120% funded. So lets move on, and gander at the best of this week!

Game : Wings
Game Genre : Multi Genre, Arcade, Shooter, Flight Sim
Developer :  Cinemaware
Developer Quote :  Amiga classic Wings gets re-mastered in high definition with all its original missions, dogfights, story and gameplay!
Kickstarter Success : $86,880 pledged of a $85,000 goal ( 7 days to go! )
Kickstarter Page :

Game : Stasis 
Game Genre : 2D Isometric, Point and Click Adventure 
Developer :  Christopher Bischoff
Developer Quote :  Stasis is a 2D isometric, point-and-click adventure game for Windows & OSX, set in the distant future on a desolate spacecraft. John Maracheck must interact and solve puzzles to save his family, while uncovering horrific experimentation, illicit research and an ever deepening mystery.
Kickstarter Success : $120,127 pledged of a $100,000 goal ( 29 hrs to go )
Kickstarter Page :

Game : Interstellaria 
Game Genre : 2D Isometric, Point and Click Adventure 
Developer :  Coldrice Games
Developer Quote :  Interstellaria is a 2d space SIM/RPG/Sandbox game by Coldrice Games LLC created in the same vein as the best space exploration games of the past. Inspired heavily by games like Starflight or Star Control, Interstellaria is all about allowing the player freely explore space. Every star has something interesting to see, and every planet has it’s own unique feel. There are a number of unique encounters and hostile enemies to find. In addition, each alien race you meet follows its own culture and moral values so diplomacy is important.
Kickstarter Success : $28,145 pledged of a $15,000 goal ( Just 8 hours left! )
Kickstarter Page :

Game : Dex
Game Genre : 2D, RPG
Developer :  Dreadlocks
Developer Quote :  A story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace.
Kickstarter Success : £21,257 pledged of a £14,000 goal ( Still 6 days left! )
Kickstarter Page :

Game : Dyscourse 
Game Genre : Survival
Developer :  Owlchemy Labs
Developer Quote :  A PC survival game like you’ve never seen. Emergent story, group psychology, and the struggle to endure, in the absurd Owlchemy style.
Kickstarter Success : $43,737 pledged of a $40,000 goal ( Only 4 hours left )
Kickstarter Page :

Game : Mandate 
Game Genre : Sci-Fi RPG
Developer :  Perihelion Interactive LLC
Developer Quote :  As the captain on board a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy who adapt and grow as they fight alongside you.
Kickstarter Success : $701,010 pledged of a $500,000 goal!!!
Kickstarter Page :

That's it for this week, we will feature more games next Friday.... See you then!

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