WinUAE 2.7.0 - The final version of this great Amiga Emulator!

Emulated Consoles/Systems : Amiga, Amiga CD32
Developer : Toni Wilen
Release News :  It's here at last, the final version of the great Amiga Emulator WinUAE. This is version 2.7.0 which is no longer in Beta, and contains many fixes and improvements from version 2.6.0. If you loved the Amiga and want to play some fantastic retro games on your pc, you can do no wrong with WinUAE. So check out the updates and download!

New features:

- Cirrus Logic SVGA chip based hardware graphics board emulation.
  - Use graphics board in emulated Amix, Linux, NetBSD and others.
  - Use native CyberGraphX, Picasso96 and EGS RTG software in emulation.
  - Emulates following boards: Picasso II, Picasso II+, Picasso IV (flash
    rom image required), Piccolo, Piccolo SD64 and EGS-28/24 Spectrum.
  - Text mode is also emulated (Linux/NetBSD etc.. text console support)
  - Based on QEMU Cirrus Logic emulation.
- SCSI tape drive emulation.
  - Can install Amix without hacks.
  - Both reading and writing supported.
  - Works also with most backup software that supports tape drives.
- SLIRP user mode NAT emulation.
  - A2065 and uaenet.device emulation without need for host side
    extra drivers.
- 68020 cycle-exact mode emulation rewritten to better match real hardware,
  accuracy improved, more improvements planned in future versions.
- Added GUI button that opens small disk image information window.
- GUI open log file and open error log buttons added.
- New WiX based installer.


- Two new field based interlace options added, reduces interlace artifacts.
- Chipset emulation compatibility improved, more undocumented chipset
  corner cases emulated.
- Game Ports panel input configuration improved.
- Built-in HRTMon and AROS ROM replacement updated to latest versions.
- Do not wake up all sleeping harddrives if loaded config has mounted
  physical harddrives (or memory cards) that are not currently connected.
- SCSI HD and CD emulation compatibility improved.
- SCSI HD/CD/TAPE statefile compatibility improved.
- CIA TOD counting is now cycle-exact.
- 68020/030 cycle-exact/prefetch is fully compatible with FPU emulation.

2.6.x bugs fixed:

- Some OFS formatted hardfiles didn't mount.
- Wired XBox 360 pad (possibly others) missed input events.

Other bugs fixed:

- All Input panel events stopped working in some situations.
- RTG mode video recording display size fixed.
- Same game controller was inserted in both joystick ports if
  loaded config file had non-existing controller in second port.
- Built-in lzx decompressor didn't always decompress last byte of file.
- CD CUE file parsing fix, some images had incorrect CD audio timing.
- Output panel crashed on some systems.
- Crash when system was reset if it caused immediate PAL/NTSC mode change.
Website :
Download :

Another great alternative if you have the games and system files is FS-UAE which is a pretty damn awesome frontend that uses WinUAE at it's core. They also have a game database which you need to register for, as it's currently in Open Beta, which shares everyone else s working configuration files for easy Amiga game loading.

Also available are easy to install OS packages which again you may need certain legal files, but there is nothing more satisfying than having an Amiga OS running through an emulator. Further more, you can make separate installs of WinUAE by making a WinUAE.ini file in the same directory as WinUAE.exe. However make sure when you update, that you delete everything in the WinUAE.ini file(back up previous).

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