WinUAE 2.7.1 (Beta 2) - Another Amiga Emulator beta release from Toni Wilen!

Emulated Consoles/Systems : Amiga, Amiga CD32
Developer : Toni Wilen
Release News :  Even though I have a banging headache, just seeing the latest WinUAE release puts me into a flurry of excitement. So here I am once again writing about the latest beta. For those that don't know, WinUAE is an Amiga Emulator and a damn good one at that. It's one of the main bits of software people use to install a new OS onto CF HD's for original Amigas, oh and to play Amiga games on the PC! This being Beta 2 contains more fixes and improvements, so read on and enjoy.

Beta 2:

- BPLCON1 mid scan line modifications now should match real hardware 100%.

This was very big change, old emulation was functionally close enough but very far from real hardware behavior. Old code couldn't emulate some side-effects correctly.

- Partial/full scanline based mode ("SPEEDUP") is again used more regularly, "is it safe to use" check got partially broken during 2.7.0 betas. It is also more optimal in AGA 32/64-bit fetch modes.
- AGA border sprite in right border and 2x or 4x horizontal sprite pixels (vs bitplane pixels): sprite's rightmost pixel(s) were missing.
- Superhires and top or bottom border sprite: graphics garbage was seen in border area, memory corruption was also possible in some situations.
- Magic mouse + mousehack mode now always stops keyboard input when mouse is outside of emulation window, even if window still has focus.
- 68020/030 CAAR register preserves also all reserved bits.
- Disable JIT if config has 68000/010 CPU and non-zero JIT cache size.
- 68020 CE broke interrupt state fetch, interrupt didn't clear if write to INTREQ was immediately followed by RTE. (b1)
- Does not anymore require SSE2 capable CPU (b1 did)
Forum link

The final version of 2.7.0 is still available here

Thanks to Commodore is Awesome for the heads up

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