WinUAE 2.7.1 (Beta 4) - Another day another update for the Amiga Emulator, WinUAE

Emulated Consoles/Systems : Amiga, Amiga CD32
Developer : Toni Wilen
Release News :  Here we are again with another beta of the Amiga Emulator, WinUAE. Toni Wilen must be working overtime as he's only just recently released the previous beta. Again, same as the previous one, not that many fixes, so I don't see it being too long before we go into the next final. So read on, download and play those Amiga games on your PC!

Beta 4:

- More than one horizontal DDFSTRT-DDFSTOP window is now accurately emulated without requiring any hacks. Random garbage between display windows is also gone. (Subtle Shades / Nuance)
- Removed some more obsolete variables from display emulation.
- Saigon Megademo fix got accidentally broken in b2.
- 260b17 "strange right edge overscan display shift" optional hack removed, new delay/shift register behavior creates identical output automatically simply by reseting delay counter (hpos counter) at the end of scanline. NOTE: Some programs with large overscan can now have small graphics corruption in right border (gap in graphics), it is not a bug, it is accurate emulation. (For example Back in Bizness / 2000AD)
- Some OCS only programs may now have graphics corruption in ECS mode (if bitplane DMA crosses scanlines), this is also not a bug, real hardware would show even worse corruption. Someday this will be more accurately emulated.
- Agnus vpos counter increase delayed by 1 cycle. Fixes Hit the Road / Flash Production "Floffy2" part.
- Keyboard leds as power/floppy/etc indicators are now properly restored back to original state when keyboard input is not active, changing led config on the fly also works now.
- Exiting GUI with close button or ALT-F4 didn't save GUI position.
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The final version of 2.7.0 is still available here 

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