Armiga - A home made prototype of the next Amiga?

This new project certainly caught Indie Retro News's eye, especially when you see the internals of the latest design from #Armiga Project. Using a Raspberry PI, a custom controller and the Amiga floppy drive, you can play Amiga games by using the original floppy dumps. With the latest picture it shows the ability to use SD cards as well, which probably means even more games to play at faster speeds. What's more, as it's the Raspberry PI expect handy USB devices and even a custom boot logo. At this moment we have no idea of costs and when we can get our hands on this awesome bit of kit!

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  1. So its a disk imager attached to UAE4all? On first looking I thought "Cool, An Amiga emulator on ARM that reads direct from the FDD like a Catweasel" but it isnt.. A little disappointed but still interested

  2. Hmm nice but, where on earth are they planning to find original Amiga floppy drives in this age escapes me ...

    1. :)

    2. It's not that hard to modify PC floppy drives and there are plenty of them. If you know someone who works as hardware maintenace guy they can probably get you plenty.
      There are plenty of tutorials online and they're basically just a thing of adjusting few connections on PCB, I've modded one samsung sfd-321b few days ago and put it my A1200 as original drive went wonky.


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