Geek 2014 - The Fantastic Gaming Expo - Margate 21st-23rd Feb 2014

You might have noticed the lack of posts today, and for that reason, I was at Geek 2014 in Margate, Kent, UK! Although I wasn't press this time, as it was my sisters turn, it was still worth taking the time to check out the latest games and retro classics. As soon as I walked into the first hall, I noticed that the set up was different, geared more towards retro handheld systems and cool geeky for sale items, and retro goods. There was also no BBC and no Grannies Garden upstairs! However, playing massive Gameboys that are about the size of you and I, certainly adds to the experience, and you just know you are in for a treat.  I also happened to play Micro Machines in a very different style, instead of using gamepads, they were actually in-built into little toy cars. Of which I found them generally frustrating to use, especially with un-responsive controls. Anyway moving on!

To the one side, I noticed the same stage as last year, but no Cosplay today, that was tomorrow. Even though my brother did decide to dress up as Team Rocket on his own, (how embarrassing). As I moved further towards the next hall, both me and my sister decided to play the projected Pong game, now that was a true classic! Still thrashed her with a 10-5 score, don't tell her I said that though ;). We moved past two impressive stalls of games and I nearly ended up spending £40 on an Atari 2600, but told myself, that after spending nearly £300 on a new graphics card, it wasn't the right time. But all was not lost.... I purchased "Wings" for the Amiga, a game that I have been wanting for a very long time back in my collection. Thanks to Level Up Games from Canterbury it only cost me a fiver, what a deal.

Onwards to the next excitement and down stairs I went, and there they were. Loads and loads of gaming systems, I was in retro gaming heaven! Grabbing the first system that caught my eye, was of cause the Amiga 1200 and the game loaded up was Speedball. What fun that was! Two player with my sister who has never played two player on an Amiga before. Although most of the time, was spent punching each other in the game. Especially me, who forced his way through her goalie by a mad punching experience. In frustration she scored an own goal, yet we did find it a good laugh.

Next system to be played was the Atari Jaguar and I ended up playing Aliens Versus Predator, which came across in a first person old school shooter sort of way. Didn't enjoy it very much, just could not get to grips with the controller, oh well.

As we moved further around looking for the next system to be played, we could hear lots of announcements of upcoming tournaments from classic games to new ones, I could see two people battling away by throwing papers in PaperBoy, good times! My sister checked out the Virtual Boy and found it a bit sickening and weird to the eye, but was much appealed by the brand new Oculus Rift. But that sickening feeling came across me as well when I ended up playing the new device. Probably something I'll get used to, but my body kept on wanting to walk forward which screwed with my head.

Taking time out for lunch with a Hot Dog and Chips we moved onto the next section, and left the crazy brother to play in the Pokemon Tournament. Suddenly we came across the new Xbox One and there must've been at least 20 or more of those, and after we both played them, I can't say I was that impressed. I was expecting the wow factor, but instead, they just came across as eye candy with a laggy capped frame rates. Saying that though, the PC version of Need For Speed Rivals unlocked 60fps was miles better. Shame, but at least one game was fun, the new Lego game from the movie.

On the way to more classic systems I met some old faces from the previous Geek event, more especially the developers Leda Entertainment who developed the awesome The Leda Arcade Collection. This time they had Bopscotch to show, which I'll go into more detail in a separate news article but sufficed to say with a little bit more work on the jump response, it'll be another top quality title.

The next Developer(s) I came across was Force Of Habit & Clockwork Cuckoo, who have developed a very fun game called Timmy Bibble's Friendship Club. Basically a 2 - 4 player bullet-hell arena shooter, set in the imagination of young Timmy Bibble. Much fun was had, especially with the kids going "YES!!!" as they won each round by headbutting a friend into oblivion. Even I had a go with my sister, and found it most enjoyable.

Generally once again the Indie Section was lacking, so I went looking for more systems to play and ended up playing Xevious on the PS1, a game close to my retro gaming heart as I used to play it many times with my dad growing up on the Amiga. Basically it's a shoot em up where you have the ability to shoot enemy waves and bomb objects on the ground, such a great classic.

Towards the end of the show for us a few more systems were played and one such game on the Dreamcast was very good fun, I'm sure you'll remember Quake Arena on the PC. Well yes, sufficed to say my sister took a few rockets!

Ending this to say I had a fantastic time and so did the rest of the family, once again an experience that will keep me going until next year. With the great music, great systems even the CDI and NEO-GEO appeared and lots of different tournaments it was well worth going. The only thing that let this shown down, was not the show itself but some of the people that went. Many of the retro machines had cables taken out, systems turned off or games taken out of systems and placed on the side. I would think that kids were doing this, but you just don't know with people nowadays.

If anyone wants to go to Geek 2014 then tickets are still available to buy as the event is ongoing over the weekend! See Website

But that's it from me, check out some of the low quality pictures, camera was stashed away this time.


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