NeonXSZ - Intense fast paced Descent-Quake fused shooter (Desura/Steam Greenlight+Demo)

Game Type : Action, Arcade, Shooter
Developer : Intravenous Software
Game Quote : Saddened by the lack of old school shooters like Quake, and missing the internal spaceship combat of games like Descent and Forsaken, they have set out to meld together these classic games of the 80's and 90's into the game we always wanted to play. Neon's game play aims to capture the adrenaline fueled speed and thrill of dog fighting. Ships are small and lightning fast with the ability to strafe in all directions. This creates a style of shooter quite unlike anything that has gone before. You can create anything from blisteringly fast fighters to slow, heavy tank like destroyers and tweak them with a nearly endless supply of upgrades to suit your play style. Write your own rules and create your own unique tales of victory or defeat.
Release : Alpha available now, Final TBA
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux

Desura & Demo
Steam Greenlight page

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