Baby Jo In ''Going Home'' - Cute Amiga Platformer for your PC

Say hello to Baby Jo, he needs your help as he's out in the wild, all alone and surrounded by dangerous beasties! It's down to you to get him home, but with the amount of traps and dangerous creatures in the way it almost seems unlikely. Never fear though, as you can jump and dodge your way through the levels, with rattles to throw and super nappies to increase your speed and even give you invulnerability. Collect fruit along the way but eat too much and your nappy fills up, almost make sure to drink enough milk. A game that looks cute but has suffered negative criticism from the Amiga crowd, especially LemonAmiga with one such user commenting " Average graphics, slow and jerky game play, stupid level design ". But as with every game, opinion differs, what did you think of it?
Game Type : Platformer 
Launcher Developer :  The 
Release : Available now FREE
Systems : PC

Game Link

 This version (2.6) contains high quality filters for your PC and all you have to do is download, run the exe and press F12 in game for extra settings including those filters. The software is based on the original rom file and remastered through an emulator in a single exe.  You may get a Virus Warning through low quality virus checkers, it's a false positive!

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