Outpost: Save Yourselves - Manage your base or suffer a fate worse than death itself! ( Open Beta )

In the Outpost you must manage your Base, it's systems, your crew and their abilities to survive until rescue. Will you sacrifice a team member to obtain more food? Or will you build stronger defenses and conserve your energy? Earthquakes, freezing storms and the local fauna are bad enough, but something killed the last occupants of this base, and it'll be back.. Will you save the day? Or save yourself?
Developer :  Highland Gaming 
Game Type : Strategy, Simulation, RPG
Release : June 2014
Systems : PC

Outpost is up for votes on the Steam Greenlight page, but the Open Beta is freely downloadable! Let us know what you think.

 Key Features
- Organize. Manage your bases power and heat to keep your team alive.
- Lead. Each team member gains skills over time making them more valuable, and more damaging to lose.
- Day/Night Cycle and weather effects. Survive Earthquakes, Fire, Lightning and Freezing Storms.
- Survival of the fittest. Players need food and medicine to survive.
- Use your special abilities to survive. But be careful, supplies are limited and if the power goes out, something else would like to get in...


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