Mystery of the Lost Temples - Explore the remains of a long lost civilisation in a 2D Adventure for Android

Deep within the Amazon jungle strange lights have been reported in the night sky. Maybe it's just a tropical storm - or maybe it's something else? As an expert in unusual weather it's your job to find out...But when you arrive you cant believe your eyes - you have discovered a valley of lost temples! Could these temples be the cause of the strange lights? You decide to investigate further.  Mystery of the Lost Temples is a classic point and click adventure game suitable for all the family. Explore the remains of a long lost civilization, discover the secret of their advanced technology and help solve the mystery of the lost temples.
Game Type : Adventure
Developer : Digi-Chain Games
Release : Now (0.69p)
Systems : Android


* Classic point and click adventure gameplay (inspired by Myst, Riven, The 7th Guest & The Lost City).

* Beautiful graphics bring the mysterious world to life.

* Many items to collect, secrets to uncover, mystery to unravel and puzzles to solve!
* Full music soundtrack and sound effects.
* An in-game journal that keeps notes of all the clues you find.
* A complete walk through guide built into the game.

* Translated into English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.
* No Hidden Object Games - true point and click mystery adventure game play from start to finish!


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