Flockers - Team 17 announces a Lemmmings-like spin-off!

Team 17 are going back to their Amiga roots with a brand new game to the likeness of Lemmings. Unlike Lemmings, you control the outcome of a bunch of Sheep making a dash for freedom from the tyrannical worms. So expect many traps along the way with a very gorish outcome if it all goes wrong! Can you reach the end? Will you save all the Sheep for lush grounds of green or be splattered into tiny pieces? Flockers will be coming to PC via Steam Early Access in Q2 2014. - Flockers will also be available to play at the gaming convention EGX Rezzed, which takes place in Birmingham, England from March 28-30.

Update - A number of people in the Amiga scene have questioned why I put "Team 17 going back to it's Amiga roots " when it was Psygnosis that released Lemmings. This I know already. Basically by Team 17 going back to their roots, was in fact meant by the era of the Amiga when Lemmings was available. Not that Team 17 developed Lemmings. Hope that makes it more clear to my readers.


  1. Years on worms and the best they can do is a Lemmings clone?! Theres me thinking Indies are creative...

  2. Must admit a Lemmings clone wasn't the best of choices as there have been plenty of lemmings like clones available already. There are plenty of other Amiga games that could do with a lookin ;)


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