OpenIG : Imperium Galactica - High Quality Space Strategy Open Source Remake (0.95.169 released)

Game Type : Strategy
Open Developer :  Dávid Karnok
Info Update : The developer David Karnok has once again updated Open Imperium Galactica : OpenIG to the latest version of 0.95.169 which contains a number of fixes, including an all important reworked AI attack behavior, so well worth the update.
Game Quote : Open-IG is an Imperium Galactica (1997) remake. It’s an Open-Source project and the game is written in Java, so it’s available for many platforms. The game has been updated to support bigger displays, arbitrary resolutions and much more. The downloaded package contains everything, including the videos and an automatic update tool. This game was so much fun for it's time and still is today, if you love the colonization of other worlds, ground based battles, ship battles and a great story with fmv's then play this game NOW!
Release : Free Standalone!
Systems : PC, ANDROID

 Notable changes:
  • Fixed cases when the player could receive diplomatic messages and enter the diplomacy room from lower levels, blocking regular messages and causing crashes (Issue #842)
  • Reworked the automatic battle to consider rockets/bombs as one-time defense reduction option. This should help in AI vs. AI background battles. (Issue #843)
  • Reworked AI attack behavior: (Issue #843, Issue #796)
    • target planet selection process to choose the low valued planets instead of high valued planets 60% of the time. (The previous logic chose the most valuable enemy planet which was futile most of the time since it was likely the target had good defenses).
    • AI will react to a lost planet much faster
    • AI will possibly attack with multiple fleets at once and potentially multiple targets on normal or above difficulty
    • AI will place tanks on newly conquered/colonized planets immediately by removing 1-1 tank from its other planets; on all difficulties.
  • Further French translation fixes from Benjamin Grosjean. Thanks! (Issue #645)
  • Fixed campaign start video not playing on non English/Hungarian language settings.
Current version - (0.95.169) Don't forget to bookmark and keep an eye on the latest patch updates which is also available via the runnable updater on launch!

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