SpellBounders - Epic Multiplayer fantasy word game from InsaneRoot, now available for iOS

Grab those words, throw them about, and shout, "SpellBounders", as you are about to play an epic multiplayer fantasy word game from InsaneRoot, which is available for iOS devices. Compete against thousands of players in a battle of wits, words and magic. Unlock new heroes, cast powerful spells and bask in the glory of victory! - Winner of Apps World 2014 Big Indie Game Pitch!

Key Features:

• Choose Your Hero - Pick your favorite hero and use their unique talents to help you defeat your opponents. Try all the heroes to find the best fit for your play style.

• Epic Spells - Unleash the secret magic of the board and lay waste to your enemies with powerful epic spells.

• Discover Devastating Tactics - Use your heroes talents to turn the tides of battle and achieve victory!

• Vanity Tiles - Unlock dozens of special vanity tiles to separate yourself from your enemies and crush them in style!

Free on the Apple Store

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