Deuteros : Duology Compilation - Two incredible Amiga strategy games free PC portable!

The Company.PL have released in PC portable versions, two incredible strategy games that are well known in the Amiga community as two of the best Amiga space strategy games ever made, Millennium 2.2 and Deuteros. They are so well sort after that even today both are still being sold for a high price on Ebay. Millennium 2.2 has you as the commander of Moonbase, ensuring the survival of humankind by exploring the Solar System for other habitable planets and moons, and ultimately re-establish life on Earth. Whereas Deuteros is set 800 years after Millennium, in a time when mankind has won the struggle to make the Earth habitable again but lost its space faring capabilities(which it is seeking to regain). Both games feature deep game play that can last you hours as you research, create new space equipment, colonize the stars and ultimately defeat the evil race which is intent on wiping you out.

Millennium 2.2

All of these versions (2.6) contain high quality filters for your PC and all you have to do is download, run the exe and press F12 in game for extra settings(filters). The software is based on the original rom file and remastered through an emulator in a single exe. You may get a Virus Warning through low quality virus checkers, it's a false positive!

(Exe contains Millennium 2.2 & Deuteros )

Also don't forget to check out the PC remake of Millennium 2.2 which is available here

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