Radix - Platformer with an old school charm gets a Kickstarter (Demo)

NewFort Studios just sent us an email to let us know that their open-world puzzle platformer, Radix is now up for funding through a Kickstarter campaign. According to the developers Radix is a PC 2D open-world puzzle platformer that stresses exploration and puzzle problem-solving in beautifully pixelated environments. The aim of the game is to travel through many different worlds looking for runes while avoiding nasty puzzles and traps waiting to harm them. But the idea I like about this game is the way some of the puzzles are solved by the use of your staff. Using magical pivot points you can swing from one section to another, or using glide to hover across large gaps, but there are other special abilities at your disposal which are unlocked through the usage of the runes. Radix is looking to be a fun game and almost a nod back to the days of DOS. Don't expect high quality graphics, but do expect retro charm. A Kickstarter funding goal of $8,000 needs to be achieved for this to happen, but that's down to you!

A demo is also available here

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