WinUAE 2.8.1 Beta 4 (RC1) - Small PC-Amiga emulator update!

Today is International Amiga Day and what better way to celebrate it than another beta release of WinUAE, which is a top quality Amiga emulator for your PC. This release version 2.8.1 beta 4 RC1, is just a small update to the previous release and contains numerous bug fixes. Toni Wilen the developer has also noted that a final release is due very soon. Read on for the change log.

Beta 4: (RC1)

- New relative path mode worked badly under Windows XP, possibly up to Windows 7 without SP1.
- "Toggle between mouse grabbed and un-grabbed" input event has not done anything at all for ages (if ever).
- "Switch between audio interpolation methods" input event probably has never done anything at all, probably totally useless (custom events works as well) but at least it works now..
- 2.8.0 translation dlls are accepted now.


The previous final release is still available to view here

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