Birden - Insanely difficult browser based platformer

If you thought Meat Boy was difficult or even vvvvvv wait till you try Birden from Bitendo Software. A game in which you must avoid all the spikes, traps and enemies to reach the exit, but I guarantee you will not last long as you will die over and over again in frustration. As a bird you can flap about to avoid these deadly devices but wrong one flap and it's instant death (and level restart). Not just that but the developer has decided to make the character like an elastic band, which ends up with you bouncing and sliding all over the place, thus you have been warned!

Play Now : Browser Based


  1. Frak. I can't even jump over the (1/fir)st spike! :(

  2. INDIERETRONEWS22 June 2014 at 09:49

    Try hopping straight up very slowly, then move forward... Saying that I can't get past the next lot of spikes :O

  3. I did. This is bad as Flappy Bird. I hate them.

  4. INDIERETRONEWS22 June 2014 at 18:38

    I hate Flappy Bird too, I get about 5 of them a week in my email and generally they are all the same!


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