#LOWREZJAM 2014 - 10 awesome free low res games!

I'm not sure if many of you have been following the recent #LOWREZJAM 2014 but if you haven't, then this mighty list of awesome games might get your gaming senses tingling! The aim of this Jam was for developers around the world to make some mighty... Err I mean small rez'd games to the size of 32x32. There were no limitations to the amount of colours, sprites or anything else that could be used as long as it conformed to the low res set by the jammers! So read on and check which games we recommend :)

1) Lands of Lorez by Photon Storm

This is our entry to #lowrezjam - a fun challenge to build a game limited to just 32x32 pixels in size. We're both great fans of dungeon romps like Eye of the Beholder and this is our miniature homage to them.


2) B-AIR Micro by Elsewhere

Made for #lowrezjam (but a little late due to some last minute tweaks/sleep), B-Air Micro is a roguelike-like in the vein of games like Spelunky. Explore the treacherous caverns deep below the earth and define your aspirations as one of eleven unique classes. Do you have the courage to venture to the bottom?


3) Guns, Beats n' Dragons by Oddly Shaped Pixels

Some dragon talked shit bout your moms... Now it's payback time! Fight your way through deadly flies, crazy shooting mages, explosive bumping red things and not-that-bright golems to go and shut that fool's mouth.

4) CM32 by Bloomingbridges

A tiny (32x32px) speedy, hardboiled platformer game in the style of Canabalt based on an old CrazyArcadia franchise.

5) 31 Pixels Later by Nick Turner

A Zombie Survival Infinite Runner in 31x31 Pixels

6) Fistful of Pixel by Noctualab

The basic idea was to develop a procedural, random generated dungeon crawler/roguelike game following the constraint of the jam (32x32 pixels!)

7)  Rick´s Journey by Stafff

Your name is Rick...It´s your turn to get through the adventurous journey to defeat the shadow dragon..No one can say what your enemies will be like, when or how to reach and enter the castle..Can you beat it?

8) The Bound of Time by Wowa

The Bound of Time is a tiny action adventure and was made for #lowrezjam within 3 weeks

9) The Pit by Rohannarang

After unfortunately falling off a bridge, you find yourself in a dark and scary pit. Will you be able to find your way out of it? The decisions you make in the game will affect the outcome.

10) Daredevil Squirrel by T. Bastian

For a daredevil squirrel, the only victory is glorious death. Will you conquer rush hour? Or will your dreams die by the side of the road?

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