WinUAE 2.8.1 Beta 6: (RC3) - The last update till final for this Amiga emulator?

We've just been informed that the Amiga emulator, WinUAE has now been updated to 2.8.1 beta 6 (RC3) which contains only a small amount of fixes, such as - b2 HAM update was incomplete and broken and - Display panel missing translations added. Now it's up to you if  you want to update to this version or wait till the final which may well be released during this upcoming week according to Toni Wilen. As ever, the final version is still available to download online here. Read on for the changelog

Beta 6: (RC3 and hopefully nearly final)

- b2 HAM update was incomplete and broken, nr_color_changes check was not fully working. (b2)
- Display panel missing translations added (autoresolution and brightness/contrast/gamma)
- Some file operations (zipped files, possibly something else too) didn't support recently introduced relative "..\" path part update.
- Copper emulation state was not fully reset when restoring state file, in some situations copper may have modified restored custom register in next cycle after state was restored.


  1. Toni Wilen has to be the hardest emulation coder in the entire scene. It seems like every week Toni is making substantial and improvements to what many believe is already a perfect emulator.

    All it needs is Online Multiplayer, really.

  2. INDIERETRONEWS7 June 2014 at 21:35

    I'm afraid when it comes to Online Multiplayer your best option is FS-UAE but it's incredibly unreliable in that regard and 9/10 you'll not be able to do anything bar get a non server response. Oh and as for Toni, I have said to him many times to go on holiday and enjoy him self after all the work he's put into WinUAE. But he said he isn't ready yet, not until the final final version ;)


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