Aurum for C64 (Unreleased text adventure from 1987, now with English translation)

Back in the 1980's, Dutch developer John Vanderaart (aka DRJ, also known as Doctor John) programmed games for the Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and MSX computers, with his most famous games being text adventures. He also wrote action games and educational software and founded Radarsoft with some of his fellow students which released his first games and a few of the more successful games were released internationally including the shooter Eindeloos/Endless

and platformer Hopeloos/Hopeless.

In 1986, John Vanderaart felt that Radarsoft was becoming too commercially driven and stopped developing for the c64 during 1987/1988. Aurum was an adventure game programmed by John Vanderaart for the Commodore 64 and was based on one of his earlier titles, “Steen der Wijzen” or "Magic Stone". Aurum was never officially released.

Will you survive the haunted castle?

A copy of the game was located by some folks at who obtained the copy from sources that had attended a dutch audiovisual conference in the 1980's and luckily still had a copy of the game files now in the year 2014. The game was subsequently converted to a .d64 file and translated into English.

Give the rat some wine! Why not?

Somehow Kim Kardashian has made her way into this game's translation/crack. Oh no!

The ultimate goal of the game is to find the hidden treasure containing "Giganticus", the largest diamond in the world.

But be careful not to meet a perilous end.

 Dutch and English versions of Aurum are available at the following link.

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