Lenna's Inception - Zelda like game goes early access

Fans of Zelda might like this action-adventure with it's top down view and sword swinging combat, as Lenna's Inception by Tom Coxon is now available in early access. You play as Lenna who is out on a quest to hunt down the Archangel that has slaughtered her students, and believe me if the game looks this retroish good, they could be onto a winner.

Armed with discarded weaponry, divine artifacts, and blood-thirsty pets, Lenna's Inception has a huge procedurally generated world, with 7 permadeath challenges, pets, Game-Boy style pixelated artwork all in a Zelda like experience with action-driven combat, items and upgrads and neat little puzzles. You'll also be pleased to know that Lenna has a nice chiptune soundtrack.

The game is just £2.99 while it's in beta early access (approximately $5.13 USD) and will go up to £5.99 at release.

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