Merchants of Kaidan - Trade for riches through Steam early access

Either you are a fan of Tradewinds or games such as Port Royale, then you might be interested in Merchants of Kaidan by Forever Entertainment, that is currently up for early access through Steam. Merchants of Kaidan is a trading based game, fused with RPG elements that has you traversing the landscape and trading for the best possible profit.

The story of Merchants of Kaidan is pretty in depth, but the general gist of it is to avenge your father, to grow rich and destroy the evil Van Talodd. From the very beginning you are set in a lovely town with moving backgrounds and must sell your family ring for you to set forth on a journey of trade and quests.

Merchants is a very nicely designed game with unique additions that change the gameplay from the usual trading style of genre we are most used to. Such as the ability to collect precious artefacts, listen to gossip, travel by cart, ship or airship and being able to search long abandoned ruins and abandoned mines.

What I really like about the game apart from the lovely soundtrack, is the art design behind the game. From the towns and changing seasons, to the large map screen with falling snow on a winters day.

Above all though the most important factor in this game is the trading and will you make riches or be poor, can you listen to gossip and make the right path of where to sell the best goods or will you push all towards profit and have no defence from each cart robbery.

With 4 story lines, 100 quests, side quests and a main quest to avenge your father's murder, Merchants of Kaiden is certainly at the top end of the trading game scale, and graphically it's rather nice too.

Features :
  • A complex trading algorithm 
  • 2 out of 10 planned mini games that accompany events with next ones upcoming in the updates
  • Possibility to create a partnership with other traders and control 3 characters simultaneously 
  • 1 main and 2 quick scenarios 
  • 15 types of goods for trade with varying characteristics, some illegal, some perishable 
  • Beautiful hand-drawn localisations.
PC, Mac, Linux

Available to buy for early access here


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