Quarries of Scred - Deep Gameplay (get it? har har har)

Quarries of Scred is a space mining game where you play a bad man named Bob who is massively in dept and has been assigned to work in the quarries in hopes to pay back his debt and get a teleporter ticket out of the quarries.

In QoS you're main adversary is rocks falling on your head. The system for how rocks fall takes about 2-3 games to figure out and after that it becomes muscle memory. I find myself always instinctively doing moves that narrowly avoid a falling rock in a way that wasn't consciously premeditated. If I try to stop and reason about my next move I don't find a whole of improvement in my game. It's interesting how once I get into a game of QoS the reasoning behind my moves is handled so much by instinct.

One move I've become accustomed to doing is what I might call "probing death" where I move towards a column of rocks then immediately move away to avoid the sliding rocks. This is a good somewhat safe way to test the integrity of large columns of rocks. QoS also has support for custom graphics skins. It currently comes with about 10 themes. My favourite theme is the one shown in the previous screenshots but here's a few others you'll be able to use in the current version.

I've been having a lot of fun playing this game and as I get more and more of a feel for how to play I tend to play even more. This is a game I would love to see on the Vita or 3DS. Playing this game on a portable with a good Dpad on the bus to work would be awesome.

You can currently purchase Quarries of Scred at the following locations :


This is currently my best score as the time of writing this article.

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