Super Tank Wars - 90's retro inspired tank action mash up!

We don't get many two player games on Indie Retro News, so it was nice to hear from HOT 'n SPICY Games about their new PC, Linux title Super Tank Wars, that's due for Desura Alpha-Funding starting in early August 2014. What looks to be a Beat 'em up mashed with a Shoot 'em up but with tanks, features fast paced retro inspired arcade action from the 90's in a top down view as you shoot and blast each other into tiny pieces.

If you want more other than destroying your friends tank, the developers have also mentioned that Super Tank Wars will have a deep immersive story that delves into war, peace, love, hate friendship and loss. As is the case with most games of any era, there's always a bad guy and that bad guy is the evil General Alistair ( no relation to one of our writers ) who you must defeat in a challenge against his army of mercs and rogues.

Super Tank Wars is currently in a very early alpha stage and I myself did try to play the game, but I was not able to as I didn't have an Xbox 360 controller on this system. Although I could play on the keyboard as player 1, I still wasn't able to play due to the fact that the other player had to have a controller. If the developers are true to the era of the 90's, then even during that time period games did allow two people to play on one keyboard, especially as even nowadays not everyone has an Xbox 360 controller. Story mode was locked out in the alpha as well. It's a shame as I was really looking forward to playing this game but as I said it was an alpha and I hope the developers fix this issue while it's in development.

Even though my play through wasn't the best, Hot 'n Spicy Games did mention to us that once the final version is complete, they will add the single player mode. Other features such as online multiplayer, a map editor, 4P local, and co-op will be considered, so chin up it's still looking good!

In ending this little write up, I would still recommend you give the guys the thumbs up on Steam Greenlight and help the game through alpha funding. Two player games of this genre are few and far between and being able to blast your friends into tiny pieces really gets the action force flowing!


  • 18 playable characters, each with unique stats abilities and their own special attacks 
  • 9 different tanks and armoured vehicles to choose from 
  • A 'Versus Mode' with 18 x 3 different stages (a unique stage for every character with 3 game modes each, which is a total of 54 versus stages!!) 
  • an extensive 'Story Mode' for all 18 characters. 
  • Adorable pixel art blending retro with a modern style 
  • An Anime influenced art style and entertaining English voice-overs (our tribute to the majority of the early 90s console games) 
  • Tons of destruction 
  • Megatons of references to classic games 
  • Much more, including secrets and Easter Eggs!!
So give them a thumbs up if the game appeals

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