Gamex & Gamex 2 - An unusual top quality ZX Spectrum release

Call me an 8-bit fan boy if you wish, but I do have a high respect for 8-bit homebrew developers, so when Jonathan told me about his latest game Gamex 2 that's in development, I had to see for myself what the first game Gamex was all about. According to the developer, Gamex 2 is the sequel to a game in which has you trading shares. Although that doesn't sound that great wait to you actually play it, as through the entire game you'll be playing lots of cool minigames and the score is tallied by the resulting shares.

The higher the score, the more it can be re-invested and so on. The neat addition to the game though in terms of difficulty is if you touch an enemy or die, you get taxed, when it reaches 100% it's game over! Thankfully the collection of bowler hats can reduce your tax rate.

Gamex has loads of fantastic mini games ranging from a Pacman like game, to platformers and shooters. So you'll be sure to be kept occupied for ages, probably more so than most classic games released years ago on the ZX Spectrum.

With the talent put into the game from a developer who started writing games for magazine cover tapes such as Crash and Sinclair User, it would be well you checking out the original Gamex, and hoping that Gamex 2 comes out this year and is as every bit as good as the original.

The original Gamex is available to buy here

UPDATE : As I was not able to try the Gamex 2 demo as I didn't have a working emulator on this other system, I was able to get some up to date screenshots of the in development version. As you can see for yourself it's looking hugely improved from the original Gamex with far better graphical quality and full of even more interesting minigames!

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