Godkiller - Impressive 128k ZX Spectrum game just released

Developed by APSIS using The Churrera by the Mojon Twins and Neil Parsons for the awesome music, Godkiller is a brand new 128k release for the ZX Spectrum that features not just great 8-bit graphics but also top notch game play. The story goes that your wife has been killed by a god and you have been reborn as a godkiller travelling through time and space to take your revenge. You must find ten souls and three sacred objects to make a sacrifice and open the time gate, but beware there are some nasty beasts about that wont take kindly to your presence.

Godkiller is a game that should impress most of the homebrew community, it is just fantastic and would even class itself amongst some of the better official retail releases. 

Large map size!

According to the developer the English version should be released soon with the directors cut!


Includes Manual, covers and map.


  1. The map in the review is an older version in alpha stage of the game, the final map is included in the game file from author blog

  2. z80 coders wanted help



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