The Deep Paths - The latest Dungeon Crawler to appear on Kickstarter!

So far our Dungeon Crawling Facebook group seems to be doing rather well, and if it wasn't for Jehan we would not have seen this awesome looking Dungeon Crawler that's currently going through a Kickstarter campaign. Developed by Steve Jarman, The Deep Paths has inspirations from well known classics such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore with new innovations to give it the more modern edge.

Innovations for a retro inspired Dungeon Crawler such as an overland map, which allow the player to travel to any number of unique dungeons, and even several optional hidden dungeons that further improve upon the questing experience. What's more The Deep Paths even features a home town with interesting features such as being able to trade, gather information, npc interaction and the partake of a number of activities to benefit your party.

You'll also be pleased to know that even though the game has these extra features, it also has the core gameplay with character creation, exploration, puzzle solving, treasure hunting all in that grid-based movement and turn-based combat we knew and loved.

With all these features and a developer behind the game who has plenty of experience going back to the days of Dungeon Master and new several self-funded games, "Descend" on iOS, and "Coldfire Keep. The Deep Paths is looking to be an impressive Dungeon Crawler that could be every bit as good as it looks. I'd gladly sell my +10 Mace for this game


  1. Have you ever been tempted to donate to a Kickstarter so you can get Indie Retro News name added to the credits?

  2. Sure all the time, but there's only so much money I can donate to every Kickstarter as I'll be broke :p


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