X=Y=Z - A homebrew Puzzler for the ZX Spectrum

Developed by Bob for the ZX Spectrum, X=Y=Z is a fun based puzzler in which you need to roll, slide, twist and teleport your cube around the levels in order to reach the exit. According to Bob, X=Y=Z is the spiritual successor to W*H*B but uses a different game mechanic that is both complex and difficult to master. 

Of all the puzzle based games, X=Y=Z is certainly a top contender and a worthy successor to it's previous title. Plus with 34 levels and a limited palette of commands, it's a whole lot of fun and a great addition to the ZX Spectrum line.

Credits go to : Einar, Matt, and Dave for the levels, and Chris for the music & SFX.

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  1. This definitely needs a CPC conversion!

  2. I'm with you on that!


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