ZXPlectrum - Make music with Spectrum loading sounds for Android/iOS!

There's one thing that I distinctly remember on both the Amstrad and the ZX Spectrum and that was that awful squealing tape load. You know the type, coloured stripes that appear across the screen with a deafening squeal that would make anyone leave the room, waiting for the silence of a fully loaded tape. Just the other day as a Joke I loaded up a tape wav file on my Android and played it at full blast just to annoy my Sisters! So how would you like to listen to that all that again but make music doing so? That's exactly what ZXPlectrum by Dave Sapien does for your Android & iOS based device.

Have fun tapping away at the psychedelic colours while the ZX Spectrum loading sounds change like a musical instrument or turn it up and blast those awesome 8-bit squeals out to annoy your neighbours or your sisters

Who needs demo music when you have a fantastic retrotastic idea such as the ZXPlectrum!


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