Parkitect - Retro inspired theme park designer gets a Kickstarter

Texel Raptor today announced through Kickstarter; Parkitect, the next evolution in Theme Park management simulators. Inspired by great classics such as Theme Park and RollerCoaster Tycoon, Parkitect is both a business simulator and a fun management game as you get build your very own successful theme park.

Parkitect is looking to be a stunning re visitation to the classics we've come to love, especially as you can design Roller Coasters, place shops, thrill rides, new scenery, pathways and great landscapes. The developers have even got the customer emotions, as if they are unhappy they will become angry and could well leave your park in a mess. You will also have to manage your staff, especially to clean up the sick, because an unhappy staff member may have repercussions on the rest of the park! Another neat addition to the game is new resource management from shops, so you will now see staff transporting goods to each shop to give the game that extra level of immersion.

But what about those rides? Well how about the fact that you can design some incredible Roller Coasters just like in Theme Park and RollerCoaster Tycoon. With custom editors for rides, ride stats, and balance stats, plus variable track size and banking angle controls through a unique UI, this is looking to be a worthy addition to your creation expertise.

All in all, Parkitect is looking to be a fantastic overhaul of the Theme Park experience, a new game that many of us have been wanting based on those great retro classics for a very long time. So it's down to you to give this Kickstarter as much pledging as you can possibly give. With 29 days to go of a $50,000 goal, can they do it?

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