Deuteros - Another PC remake in the works! V140822

It's just incredible for a Deuteros fan like myself, you wait years and years for a remake of the hit Amiga/Atari classic designed by Ian Bird(1991), and two come a long at once! Deuteros being the sequel to Millennium 2.2 was one of the greatest space strategy games ever released and thanks to Kevin Fernhout, you can play his early alpha version V140822 released today.

As for the two versions Gambits or Kevins remake, it's hard to say which one is the better as they both lack many features that make the game even remotely playable. The remake developers are also both trying to keep the original graphics and sound. However Kevin will be putting the cheats from the original game into his remake. Now if my memory is correct I think the original cheat was CTRL+C, which made the screen flash green and you could make as many ship objects without using any resources.

Kevin's remake written in Blitz3D is available here (click the picture on site to dl) while Gambits is available here


  1. More Methanoids = Good Thing!

  2. If you want to try to write your own game the Blitz3D is for free now. Including the updates to download yo can make 3D games withing a couple of minutes.

    And if you want to see the source code You can mail to with the request and what i have up tile now you wil get it.

  3. I played this game so much when i had it on the Amiga :D

  4. Imagine if they did a Deuteros Sequel through Kickstarter, I'd be all over it!

  5. Oh god yea, take all my money !!!
    A full HD sequel would be awesome


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