Alien Breed Saga - Action packed shooter series for Amiga CD32

What do you get if you mix the movie Aliens with an Amiga top down shooter? You'd probably get this fine breed of games; the complete Alien Breed Saga! Now of all the action packed games on the Amiga these were some of the finest, not only was it great fun to play but there was so much shooting to be had, it kept the gamer occupied for hours. Once again thanks to Earok, you can play the original Alien Breed first released by Team 17 in 1991 and all it's action packed sequels on your CD32.

Team 17
Uses: MegaCDPlayer by Steven Ross, WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves and patches by various authors as outlined below
Cover, selection and control screens: Steve
ISO Master: Earok 
We were originally planning to re-release Alien Breed 3D by itself (with the copy protection patched and a controls screen added), but then we thought - why the hell not do the whole series?
Alien Breed: The Story (Non interactive animation, slave by Bored Seal)
Alien Breed (slave by Mr Larmer and JOTD)
Alien Breed Special Edition 92
Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues
Alien Breed: Tower Assault (Includes FMV intro and outro)
Alien Breed 3D (Copy protection patch by Andre Kutterer)
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (Copy protection patch by Andre Kutterer, joypad patch by Psygore, this is essentially identical to the standalone release
With the exception of Alien Breed (non Special Edition) and Alien Breed 3D II, all of these are the CD32 editions and so they should fully support the gamepad. You need a keyboard to change weapons in Alien Breed and also you need a keyboard in Alien Breed 3D II to quit back to the menu.

Like with James Pond, we've also got a Jukebox mode here. Asides from the complete Alien Breed 3D OST we've also got title music for the other three games and even the OST from the modern reboot! The complete track list:
CD Data
Alien Breed 3D 1 of 5 (title)-Bjørn Lynne
Alien Breed 3D 2 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
Alien Breed 3D 3 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
Alien Breed 3D 4 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
Alien Breed 3D 5 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
Alien Breed Uncut Title-Allister Brimble 
Alien Breed II-Allister Brimble 
Alien Breed Tower Assault-Allister BrimbleAlien Breed Trilogy OST

Available to download from HERE ( Again make sure to disable adblock or use chrome )

For those that don't have an Amiga CD32, you can play all of the games through a PC portable exe. It's so simple to use, just run the file and pick a game, F12 brings up filters,load and save states. Virus Clean! Website

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  1. Wow, that's a lot. I also liked Alien Swarm, Alien Syndrome, etc.


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