Evil's Doom - An incredible RPG Dungeon Crawler for the Amiga FREE!

Have I got a treat for you retrogamers! If Ambermoon wasn't popular enough here comes another RPG for you to play that's not only a good game but it has a bit of a history behind it as well. Welcome to Evil's Doom, one of the last "big" Amiga games; a classic dungeon crawler made by Croatian developers Olympia Entertainment Group that was never officially released. According to some sites it was due to bugs however Evil's Doom became a victim of software piracy, after the beta version was sent to magazines, the first cracks appeared and the developers cancelled the game and left the Amiga.

Yet all was not lost as some time later a French Amiga programmer by the name of -meynaf- not only fixed most of the bugs but gave it the translation work over as well. The protection has also been fixed and a number of versions have been made available to play by different Amiga fans.

But what makes this game so good? Why is it worth your time? How about the fact that the game contained Hi-Res GFX (640X512) with 256 colors. The 320x256 box at center of the screen contained location pictures or a dungeon view which by pressing the spacebar you could switch screen mode at 320X256 thus zooming the center box at full screen. It was all in lovely hand drawn art work and really did come across as a more modern RPG, the sort you'd see through Kickstarter.

What's more a lot of effort was put into the different character designs. You could even talk to characters in specific areas and depending on how you spoke to them or performed certain tasks would give you different results, so again a very modern RPG idea.

The music and sound also worked really well, especially in the intro which gave you the feeling a good game was about to begin with oodles of immersion!

Putting all that aside, there's no point playing a big Amiga dungeon crawling RPG if it doesn't have a good amount of enjoyable dungeons. Yet with Evil's Doom you'll not be disappointed. They are both large and varied with different texture wall sets and a multitude of enemy types that you must defeat to progress in the game. Some of the dungeons are very creepy through a grid based movement system and can be visited by collecting information from many of the NPC's and then arriving at the set location on the overworld map.

It is such an incredible game and as I said before is available for you to play on an Amiga through different versions, so you yourself can enjoy this fine RPG. The first version is the HOBRING release, which is run by downloading the HWA file and then the separate specific exe file, however the HWA release hasn't been updated for a very long time!

Changes About This HWA Version (v1.8):
- This version is based on 1.0, 1.7 and 1.7b with all know bugs fixed.
- Removed loader command from the original version.
- Fixed a bug with the intro sequence, now you can skip it without problems.
- Removed the game protection-codes.
- Fixed level 4th underwater level under Belcoon lake.
- Fixed old mines/hell door next to sign that says "Stairway to Hell".
- Fixed old mines/hell next floor down. door down middle corridoor, one that turns you round when you run down it.
- Fixed the final enemy, now you can kill the final enemy and finish the game.
- Fixed and reworked monitors ONLY works with PAL mode.
- Add speed up for 68020 and 68030 cpu.
- Fixed to run with less memory.
- Add Manual from the original game.
- Add full solution levels to finish the game.

The next release is the more recent Amiga HD installed package, which has been put together by dlfrsilver and can be unpacked to an Amiga directory and ran through the StartSaga! icon. Please note though, that I had a lot of trouble trying to get the previous Amiga HD install version to work and this version, as it can be extremely fussy in what cpu mode and graphics mode you were using. It failed completely using an RTG graphics card and the original release failed just because of a screen size I was using. A real Amiga 1200 with ACA accelerator is a must.

- Latest version protection removed and you need at least 2mb of chip + 32mb of fast / A1200 / 68030 processor to run the game.

Fixed Link 27/02/17 ( DOWNLOAD )

The latest release is my favourite as it's a "The Company.pl" release, which means it's completely PC portable and can be loaded up on a PC just by using the EXE. Pressing F12 brings up extra menus, save states and filters. The down side is it's the old 2.5 version which may or not work on Windows 8.1 and can flag a virus warning (Don't worry it's clean)

So that's it, that's three different versions for you to try, the HWA, the Amiga HD or The Company.pl's! Which ever one you download and play, I'll tell you now you'll have a great time with Evil's Doom!


-Save Often, either through game or if it's available F12 - Save State
-If nothing is happening and all you see is a large picture, press SPACE


  1. Happy to report that this game works just fine on my real Amiga 1200 :)

  2. Damn, i got windows 8.1 =) I like the ease of use with The company releases.

  3. I'll probably give it a try tonight on my latest Win 8.1 system, I'm sure I've played earlier versions just fine... Glad it's free to try though


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