Bomberman - Free Arcade fun for Amiga CD32

Now here's a great classic nearly everyone has heard of, it's the great "Bomberman" also known as Dynablaster. An awesome Arcade game first developed by Hudson Soft that has so far sold well over a million copies and is incredibly addictive, especially in multiplayer mode. In these brilliant arcade classics your goal is to complete each level and reach the exit by strategically placing bombs in order to either kill enemies, your friends or to destroy objects. Power ups can be collected to give yourself the edge, but watch out as not only can other bombs kill you, you can kill yourself!

Bomberman (DynaBlaster) has had many different system ports but thanks to Earok you can now play Bomberman and it's clones on your Amiga CD32!

Hudson, Ubisoft, Leading Edge, Kingsoft, Alpha Brothers
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The Bomberman collection contains four games - none of which are actually called "Bomberman", but all of them are either a direct conversion or inspired by it:

  • Dynablaster, the official port of Bomberman. Slave by Psygore.
  • Bug Bomber, an unusual and original twist on the Bomberman idea. You'll want a keyboard to change the options for this one. Slave by Psygore.
  • Blitz Bombers, an AGA Bomberman clone that was unfortunately cancelled due to pressure from Hudson. There's full CD32 pad support in this one.
  • Master Blaster, a multiplayer only Bomberman clone with an extensive number of options. A registration key was released for free by the author, so we've put this in for you.

Available HERE

This Amiga CD32 port can also be played through the Amiga/PC Emulator WinUAE

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