Giana Sisters - Amiga CD32 collection now available

We are fast approaching the big 160 compilation release but before that it's time to announce the release of the Giana Sisters - Amiga CD32 collection. Ported by Earok today, and first developed by Time Warp Productions in 1987, you play as Giana in which she travels through 32 dungeon platformers full of beasties and collecting Diamonds while looking for her sister Maria.

The Great Giana Sisters had a very controversial history with many similarities to Super Mario Bros and an alleged lawsuit. You'll also be hard to find a cheap original on Ebay, with some titles selling for as much as £1000 or more. So if you have one, keep hold of it, it's pretty rare!

Timewarp, Rainbow Arts, Reline, Softgold, Hironymus Jumpshoe, Retroguru
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below, Hard N Heavy hack by Earok
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok
  • As a compliment to the standalone release, we've also done a Giana Sisters mega collection.
  • The Great Giana Sisters, Slave by Harry and Psygore.
  • Giana II: Arthur and Martha in Future World. This was a graphical hack I did based on Hard N Heavy. It is playable without a keyboard but you can't access the special powers without one. Slave by Harry.
  • Lollypop. Not really connected to the Giana Sisters other than being another Rainbow Arts platformer about a cute girl. Slave by DJ Mike and Codetapper.
  • Crazy Sue 1 & 2. Two PD platformers, again not connected to the Giana Sisters except for appearing on the "Giana Sisters Trilogy" compilation. A minor note regarding these games, it may appear as though they're not going to load, but be patient - the title screen usually takes half a minute or so to load after the CD has stopped loading. Slave by DJ Mike.
  • SQRXZ 1 & 2. Two highly polished PD platformers that were inspired by the Giana Sisters. The series is four parts in total and the later half is available for OS 4 Amigas, amongst many other platforms.

This release is available for download on the website and as we said before, make sure to disable adblock or try chrome if the download doesn't work. This release can also be played through the Amiga emulator "WinUAE"

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