Retro-Pixel Castles - Village simulation gets a Kickstarter

I'm such a retro junkie, anything retro and I'm there like a flash, so when I saw Retro-Pixel Castles, I knew it would be something cool. Developed by SixtyGig Games, Retro-Pixel Castles is a village simulation game, that has inspirations from games such as Dwarf Fortress and Banished and mixes it up with other class titles like Don't Starve or RTS elements from Command and Conquer.

Currently going through a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, RPC has you managing a village that has both survival and tactical gameplay. You are tasked with building and developing your village and making sure your little villagers survive, especially against the nasties. Although the villagers are not directly controlled they do decide who does the work through your general orders! That's if they are not mating and getting involved in relationships, which will happen in Retro Pixel Castles. Oh and make sure to keep them safe or your screen will be filled with lovely bloody effects.

According to the developers the game doesn't have a true ending unless you die, it's a game where you just keep playing and further develop your village. But what the developers have said is not only will you be playing on a massive 512x512 map with different themes but the game becomes progressively harder as you play to push your survival skills to the limit. Thankfully content will be unlocked as you play like additional buildings, item and units.

This game also has real-time shadows with day and night cycles, fast rendering particles and even an editor so you can make your own designs, just lovely!

Retro-Pixel Castles is looking to be a fantastic retro styled village game that has oodles of charm and reminds me of a hint of an Amiga title with a little bit of the original Castles.

Available for PC,MAC, Linux Dec 2014



  1. Wow, that's cool! I loved the game when I was young and played it on the Amiga.

  2. Same! The pixelated villages in this game remind me so much of the archers and workers in Castles :)


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