Sensible Soccer - The best retro football series for Amiga CD32

Retrogamers will be overjoyed, as we go back in time once again to check out another Earok Amiga CD32 port release. If you thought the Earok Amiga CD32 port of Cannon Fodder was a damn fine collection, wait until you play Sensible Soccer and the sequels on your Amiga CD32. First developed in the early 1990's, Sensible Soccer was a highly regarded set of football games that received very high scores from both Amiga Power and Amiga format. Yet even with the graphics the game has today, it's so much fun to play and makes you feel as if you can pull off the best in football skills.

Sensible Software
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, JST by JF Fabre, slaves as outlined below
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok
Almost every variant of every single Sensible Soccer game for Amiga!
Four variants of Sensible World of Soccer:
SWOS 1.0 (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
SWOS 95-96 (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
SWOS 95-96 European Championship Edition (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
SWOS 96-97 (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
Three variants of Sensible Soccer:
Sensible Soccer 1.0 (Slave: Psygore)
Sensible Soccer 1.1 European Champions (Slave: Psygore)
Sensible Soccer 1.2 International Edition (Slave: Psygore)
Four demos and misc games:
Unsensible Soccer (Slave: Codetapper)
Sensible Soccer meets Bulldog Blighty aka England vs Germany (Slave: Codetapper)
Sensible World Of Moon Soccer (Slave: Psygore)
Sensible Train Spotting - Why the hell not! (Slave: Galahad)
Plus a CDXL intro - I believe this is from the PC-CDROM version of SWOS '96/'97

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