Twin Robots - Teamwork based puzzle platformer

Lately I've been playing the game Twin Robots by Pablo Rojo, the developer behind Thinice in which you play a pair of robots who have to make it through various platforming levels full of dangerous hazards to fully charge a battery at the end of the level which in turn opens the exit.

Once you finish the level you must have enough electricity left over to charge the battery and open the exit.

The thing is though you have a limited amount of electricity you can use and every movement you make costs electricity. This means you can't run around in every direction aimlessly. It introduces an element of resource management to the puzzle platformer genre. On top of that the goal of the game is to get both robots across the level but when the level starts one of the robots is trapped in a cage. It's up to the free robot to find a giant red button halfway through the level to unlock the cage so the other robot can also complete the level.

Typically the robot in the cage has a very low power supply but once his cage is open the floor tiles light up and walking over them consumes them and gives the robot more electricity to continue their journey. In an emergency it's possible to transfer power from one robot to another so that both robots can make it to the end of the level.

The illuminated tiles restore robot energy.

Even if you do make it to the end of the level you still have to have enough electricity left over to fully charge the battery outlet in order to open the level exit. In my experience this equates to roughly a third of a robots electricity bar.

Watch out for crazy magnets!

I've played Twin Robots two ways now. On my laptop attached to my TV using an Xbox controller for a console-like experience and on my Nexus 5 phone. The "console" experience I much preferred but I'm the type of gamer who really likes tactile feedback on my controller and generally am not fond of on-screen touch controllers. That said, Twin Robots has been one of the best on-screen controller experiences I've played. The controls work quite well and I rarely had frustrating input issues like I've had on other games.

You can buy Twin Robots across a myriad of platforms and the PSP-Vita version is currently in the works. To find out where to buy it for your platform of choice you can go here:

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