Concrete Jungle - kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for a City Sim and tabletop deck builder

Cardiff based indie dev Cole Jeffries has just launched his kickstarter and steam greenlight campaigns for his new city building game - Concrete Jungle. While the style may look familiar, in a Sim City 3000 kind of way, the gameplay features a new twist on the classic city management genre.

Concrete Jungle combines isometric cityscape planning and building with tabletop deck mechanics to give an interesting departure from the familiar management and planning setting.

While Concrete Jungle is essentially a spiritual sequel to Megacity HD Cole is intending to take the concept and engine much further than a mere sequel so he's given it its own new identity! Furthermore, he's promised no dodgy F2P skinner mechanics or micro transactions. There will be unlocks to be earned but through gameplay and not badgering your mates on social media or by purchasing 'gemstones'.

Cole runs a lean development environment, creating all the assets himself with the free 3D package blender, so is only asking for a sensible £3000 in kickstarter funding to allow him the time to finish off the game in a reasonable timescale. As of writing he's already nearly half way there.

Concrete Jungle is initially planned for Windows and Mac, with a high probability for a Linux release later.

Go check out the kickstarter and greenlight campaigns at:

Colepowered website


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