Renegades Deluxe - Brand new Amiga release by Wayne Ash Worthart

Back in 1993 Wayne Ash Worthart and friend decided to make a P.D game based on the classic shooter Alien Breed with split screen scrolling, but due to issues was cut back to just a Deathmatch release. The news today is we now have "Renegades Deluxe" to play, an overhaul of the original Amiga title that looks so much better with better details, new maps, a music track and that all important two player split screen mode! Through 3 years of hard work, Amiga owners can now play a brand new Amiga game that harks back to Alien Breed with lots of action packed shooting!

Renegade Original

Renegades Deluxe

List of changes to the original:

  •     No 'Made in Amos' screen, instead it's 'Pickups explained'
  •     New title screen artwork
  •     New titlescreen music by Marcus Becker
  •     New character selection screen
  •     New character selection graphics
  •     Slightly tweaked character stats
  •     New in-game screen
  •     New tileset
  •     New maps
  •     Jammed doors
  •     Fake walls
  •     Random pickups that vary each time you play the map
  •     Injury (more injured walk slower)
  •     Bleeding when injured.
  •     Randomised 'Winner' and 'Loser' messages.
Download ( 2 Player Required )

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