Eye of the Beholder - Dungeon Crawler homebrewed for C64!

As I was trawling the internet looking for a decent dungeon crawler soundtrack, I came across a set of Eye of the Beholder releases that piqued my interest. Although we have featured pretty much every one of them so far, I did not expect to come across an Eye of the Beholder remake for C64. First released by Instinct in 2006 and stalled development through 2011, Eye of the Beholder 1 C64 features an impressive smooth grid based movement which I had not seen before on such an old system such as this.

It's a shame that development was halted as this was well on it's way to being a decent version of the Amiga classic but in a C64 pallet. Walking through the dungeon is completely smooth, but it contains no enemies, nor are there any face features over character icons. The code also needs more work as you constantly get "The Lock Appears Jammed" & "Something Scurries Depper Into The Floor Drain" messages. Still though, for what it is, I'm mighty impressed and I hope that when the developer said he was coming back to it at some point holds true.

Available HERE

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  1. If you all want to play our mod remade for Neverwinter Nights go here. http://www.moddb.com/mods/eye-of-the-beholder-ii-ledgend-of-darkmoon

    We have both the first game and the second game re-created. Part one is not uploaded yet to MODDB. We have been transitioning over the mods since Neverwinter Vault closed down.

    Please leave comments on out new site, we like getting feedback from everyone on the mod and what you guys think.


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